IKEA shopping

Hi and welcome to the big manual of Ikea shopping. In this section I will take you through the whole process and hopefully answer all the questions you might have before placing an order with me.

1. The Service

It’s simple really, you want something from Ikea so you tell me what it is, we agree on the conditions and then I’ll go, buy and deliver it to your door. And yes, I will help you carrying it up into your flat if needed.

2. The Price

In most cases the prices range from 10 to 80 euros. There’s a lot of factors affecting the final price though. If it’s just a couple of light, small items, it will most likely cost you 10 euros. You want a big-ass heavy table? Well that will set you back around 25 euros. Sofa around 40. You get the picture. For the exact price you have to contact me with the complete list of items (more on this in the Useful tips section at the end of the article). I will show you how to easily create and send me the shopping list in the sections below, just read on.

3. Creating the shopping list

Ok, so you know what you want and now there’s a few options of how to get your list to me. Yes, you can simply message me the item numbers through my facebook page or through the contact form on this website but I have a better option for you. Ikea’s website actually enables you to create a shopping list, even without the need to register or log in and this has a couple of advantages. First, you can easily check, if your items are actually in stock and second, it makes it much easier for me to get organized when I’m buying for more people.  It’s really simple, I’m sure you’ve even done it before, just maybe not on the slovak website, so let me show you step-by-step how it’s done.

Adding an item to the list: you can simply add the items you want into the shopping list by clicking on “Nákupný zoznam” button as shown below:

www.manandvan.sk Ikea shopping guide Add to shopping list button

Add your item to the shopping list

When you’ve done that, this window pops up. You can either review your shopping list or close the pop-up window and continue shopping.

www.manandvan.sk Ikea shopping guide Pop-up window

Item added to the shopping list pop-up window

Reviewing the shopping list: when you’re done shopping, click on the “Nákupný zoznam” button in the pop-up window (explained above) or the one in the upper right corner of the website.

Click to see your shopping list

Once clicked, you will see the list of your desired items:

www.manandvan.sk Ikea shopping guide Shopping list explained

Shopping list explained

When you find out that your item is out of stock, please remove it from the list and try to find an alternative. If you really really want just that one item, contact me and I’ll find out if they will stock it again any time soon.

Sending me the list via e-mail:

www.manandvan.sk Ikea shopping guide

Send via e-mail button

And here’s what to do once clicked:

www.manandvan.sk Ikea shopping guide Sending the shopping list

E-mailing the shopping list

Please do use your actual working email address here so I can identify who the particular list is from. If your email address doesn’t contain your name, please put your contact details in the box tagged as “Správa” (which means Message).

Alternative way of sending me the list:

As it happens, sometimes the email with your list simply doesn’t get through. Therefore I do recommend saving your list to your hard drive, especially if it’s a long one, just so you don’t have to go through the whole process all over again. This way, you can always re-send it to me anytime.there’s a problem. So how do you save the list conveniently in pdf format? After reviewing your list, instead of clicking the “E-mail” button, you click on the “Vytlačiť” (“Print”) button as shown in the picture below:

www.manandvan.sk Ikea shopping guide Print button

Print button

After clicking, a pop-up window opens with a few options in it. Please check the option highlighted in the picture below. This will put all your items in order by their location in the self service area, which is most suitable for me when shopping.

www.manandvan.sk Ikea shopping guidewww.manandvan.sk Ikea shopping guide

Print button – Sort items by location in self service area

After selecting. press the “Vytlačiť” button and the shopping list in pdf format opens in new tab/window. Then it’s just a matter of downloading it to your hard drive by clicking the “Download” button as shown below:

www.manandvan.sk Ikea shopping guide Download button

Download the shopping list to your hard drive

And just in case you don’t know what to do next, select the “Save file” option, click OK, select the location on your hard drive and press Save. Done!

www.manandvan.sk Ikea shopping guide Save button

Select the location on your hard drive and press Save

Now your shopping list is available anytime for you to see and you can access and send it to me in case I didn’t get it the first time.


4. Closing the deal

After you’ve sent me your shopping list with your contact details, I will get back to you with the price and if you’re happy with it then all you have to do now is sit and wait ’til I bring your stuff to you.

5. The delivery

In most cases I manage to bring your stuff to you on the same day as the shopping day. If not, then the next day upon agreement. I will always contact you before I come to you so please don’t ask me about the delivery time on the shopping day, I will call you when I’m ready to come to you.  It’s usually anywhere between 5-9pm. Also please have the money ready before I come so I don’t have to wait for you to get the money out of an ATM.

It also happens quite often that you ask me “how much is it in total”. Well, it’s simple math really – the value of your shopping plus the delivery fee so please only ask me this question as a last resort in case you lost your list and forgot the total value or you can’t find a calculator ;)

6. Useful tips

I usually let you know about an upcoming trip on Facebook at least 2-3 days in advance and so I’d like you guys to really think well about everything you want to get and only try and send me the complete and final list. It happens quite often that you send me two, three or even four lists, constantly changing them but it’s a pain for me having to re-print your lists over and over in hope that it’s the last one. Not to mention, that we’ve already agreed on the price and then you send me a different list with different items. Also, if on the day D you make up your mind and message me if I can get you “one more thing”, please bear in mind that I will charge you extra for every single extra item plus there’s a big chance I won’t be able to get it for you due to lack of space and/or money.

Also please double-check that all the items in your list are in stock. It’s pretty obvious to see which ones are not by quickly looking at the right-hand side of the list. Here’s what it looks like:

If you’re buying a lamp, they never come with a bulb, so please let me know if you want me to get you it as well or you’re alright to get one yourself elsewhere. At Ikea they only sell LED bulbs and the prices range anywhere from €0,99 – €4,99, where the lowest price is actually a sale price and normally they sell for €4,99 so please bear this in mind when getting a lamp.

Buying a bed:

Unless you’re buying a bed that comes as a “complete package” e.g. “SÄBÖVIK”, most beds consist of these parts:

  • Frame
  • Mattress
  • Slats
  • “Skorva” center console

These are usually sold separately so please make sure you read the item description to find out what’s included with your desired bed. If in doubt, you can simply search for the item number on Ikea’s website in your language, all items have the same numbers across the globe (not all products are sold everywhere though).

Here’s what it says in the description for the SÄBÖVIK (292.394.59) bed on the Slovak vs Norwegian website:

Čo je súčasťou balenia
Vrátane matraca a lamelového roštu.                “Mattress and slats included.”
Súčasťou balenia je podložka matraca.              “Mattress topper included.”
Vrátane nožičiek.                                                    “Legs included.”
Čelo postele je súčasťou balenia.                         “Headboard included.”


I denne komplette senga gir bonnellfjærene i madrassen hele kroppen fast støtte, slik at du kan sove godt hele natta. Og hele senga leveres i to flatpakker og en sammenrullet pakke. Smart, ikke sant?

Madrass og ribbebunn er inkludert.

Overmadrass er inkludert.

Ben er inkludert.

Hodegavl er inkludert.

Sengetøy selges separat.

In case you only want just a few small items which are not that expensive and you don’t want to pay 10 euros extra for the delivery, simply ask your friends if they want anything, put everything on one list and share the cost with them.

If you need a receipt for your purchase (e.g. because your landlord wants it, or whatever the reason is), you have to tell me about it, because I usually put everything on one receipt. It just makes things easier for me. However, it is no problem at all for me to pay for something separately, I just need to know about it.

It doesn’t happen too often but sometimes I need to come and collect the money for your shopping before I drive to Ikea. I try to cover the shopping with my own money simply to save time but there’s times when I don’t have enough for everything. This usually happens when your shopping is worth 1000 euros or more but I will let you know about this in advance.

I always use my Ikea card when paying, which means that you can change your mind and return the item undamaged and in original packaging within 365 days (yes, a whole year!) after the purchase instead of the usual 90. You’re welcome.